Pascale Roux de Bézieux’ photographic work “Mise en Scene New York” transports the subjects to new, fluid worlds of staged cinematic scenes, that the artist builds against the backdrop of New York City. Her photographic work has always been an invitation to immerse her subjects into her constructed environments, while still retaining spontaneity and freedom, and combining fantasy and reality.

A former interior designer and still photographer influenced by cinematography and advertising, half French half Swedish, Pascale Roux de Bézieux has travelled extensively throughout the world. She has lived in Australia and now in NYC for the past 10 years. This enriched journey, embracing new cultures and experiences, has helped Pascale to reinvent herself, to adapt and be sensitive to the social nuances of each culture, and as a result, to develop a keen eye as a photographer. Always positive, optimistic and forward-thinking, she takes advantage of this multi-layered background to set her creativity free through her lenses. Pascale’s photographs are cinematic stages with a subtle mix of wit, unpredictability and story-telling, that she sets upon her subjects.