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I walk, I look, I see, I stop, I snap

That’s entirely how I feel when I see, feel and photograph New York City. As a Parisian, I thought I would always feel like an outsider in NYC, but having moved here 6 years ago, I never expected to feel such an immediate and intimate connection to it. I feel grateful to have been fully adapted by this magnificent city. Its unique contradictory nature - vibrant, yet often lonely; playful, yet at times deeply sad; stark, yet deeply personable - is mesmerizing to me, as a photographer. Through my intimate storytelling, I invite you to see New York afresh - from minimalist black and white photographs, to striking primary colors, to an expressive peculiar moment, I would love to gradually dissolve these ‘captured scenes’ into a more expanded human study. I want to capture delicate and special moment in the ordinary of human situations, with the intimacy and straightforwardness of my lense. My intent is to capture the emotion and essence of a human condition and life, in tandem with the complexity of this city.

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