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“Mise en Scene New York” is a series I created, dedicated specifically to my photographs, created as cinematic staged designs, where New York City acts as a vibrant, exciting, playful and often stark backdrop! So, whether it is for a special occasion or simply while having fun exploring the city, I invite you to step into my artistic vision for a special photoshoot. This series will not be limited to New York City, but will encompass cities around the world - with my extensive travels, MISE EN SCENE is a perfect platform to share my unique vision of these journeys and invite you to participate!


From Rodney Smith to staged portrait

"This series was inspired by the famous photograph «Skyline, Hudson River» by Rodney Smith. The idea was to present my perspective on New York. How we, French expat, can fit in. NY is a mosaic of communities and we are one of them. We are highly influenced by NY but we remain French above all. NY is a parenthesis in our lives, the pictures try to capture this defining moment."

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